It’s so easy to take off and put back on. Just slip it over your headrest, make a few minor adjustments and you now have an awesome car seat towel. Save-UR-Seat can save your seats from sweat, sunblock, dirty kids or pets. Throw it in your laundry for an easy wash. Once you have it, you’ll never want to live without it!

Keep your car seats beautiful.

Patented Design

Live your passion & personalize what you love to do.

Machine Washable

100% High Quality Hygro Cotton Loop Towel

Soft, thick, cotton that is extra absorbent and blooms after wash.

Available graphics

Find your passion below with or without graphic. Want custom artwork for your country club, team or event? Email us at

$ 69 00

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes this seat towel different from other seat cover?

A. Save-UR-Seat is made from a high end quality 100% hygro blend cotton towel that is soft, thick & extra absorbent. Blooms after wash with minimal shrinkage.

Q. Are there straps to tie my Save-UR-Seat down?

A. Save-UR-Seat is meant for active people. It's not meant to cover permanently damaged seats. Easy on, easy off.

Q. Does Save-UR-Seat requires special wash?

A. Machine washable! You can wash with your regular laundry.

Q. Can I order custom graphics?

A. Absolutely! Please contact us at

Q. Does it fit all vehicles?

A. It's designed patented with wide band elastic around the headrest to fit 99% of cars (exception: Mercedes 2 door S class).

Q. Where are the towels made?

A. Right here in U.S.A.

Q. Are graphics available in other colors?

A. Black graphics are standard, but white is available upon request. Email us at

Q. Will it fit in the back seat of my vehichle?

A. Save-UR-Seat will fit split seats, or drapes easily over the headrest for temporary use.

Q. Is there a discount for large orders or for my club?

A. Save-UR-Seat would love to talk to you about your large order! Please contact us at

Q. How does it fit?

A. Just slip it over the head rest of your seat & tuck the corners around the bottom.


"My car seat have been saved from over use of sunblock, it saved it from turning green." —Nicklas Oberg, Plano, TX

"At first, my husband Sergio, said, "I don't need it", now he can't live without it. Thank you Save-UR-Seat." —Susan Rogina, Tennis Player

"I've been looking for something like this, I need it after my run." —Ela, runner, Austin, Texas

"I love it when I'm dressed up & I can take it off in a second & throw it in my garage for later use, its simple!" —Abby Hayes, volleyball player

"Save-UR-Seat have save my seat from my pets." —Eloise Liles, Albuquerque, NM